Tickling Begins

Welcome to a r t i c k l e  —  an easier platform for sharing my art than sending emails with attachments (we all get too many of those, yes?). From time to time I’ll add a new piece with description. You’re in control. Come if you want. Or don’t. But, I’ll be tickled if you do!


6 responses to “Tickling Begins

  1. so cool! I will book mark your for sure! Love the cat. : )


  2. Fellow artist visitors are a treat. Thanks for checking it out.


  3. Yeah Kim!!

    This is great! Keep ’em comin!! 🙂


    Kari J Young


  4. hey kimmie, i’m enchanted with these! they’re a delight to look at. speaking as someone without an iota of graphic skill, i’m rather in awe of this kind of talent — bringing something to life on two-dimensional paper that never existed before. intriguing to see the stages that olive went through before she was final.
    tell me about those monastic looking shapes by the greek sea.
    and post more.


  5. Ahhhh, not Greek at all, Sarah. I will explain those white domes in my next post. Stay tuned. And thanks for commenting.


  6. Wow Kim- it’s almost as good as a visit to your upstairs studio! Love your dog pieces. Thanks for sharing! I will be looking for more!!


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