Olive, 1–2–3


Meet Olive, a crazy Jack Russell terrier (aren’t they all?). What interests me is how her black and white body contrasts against the colorful kilim and how her curves and muscles juxtapose with the angular geometry of the rug and straight lines of the hardwood floors. I completed three small (6.5″ x 5″) watercolors of her in different play positions. I most enjoy the puckers in the rug.

My approach here is a simple “paint by shape” method. I choose bright colors, adding more pigment as the piece develops, wherever I want her shape to pop more.

Steps to Olive

Here are the two companion pieces…

Displayed artwork © 2011 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Olive, 1–2–3

  1. Hi Kim,
    I love your Jack Russell–great colors and design!


  2. You definitely caught the personality. Nice work.


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