Sea Domes

I was asked about “those monastic looking shapes by the greek sea,” second from right in this blog’s masthead. Those rotund cupolas—although Greek-like in appearance— actually grace many of the adobe abodes along Baja California Sur’s east coast, on the Sea of Cortez.

La Ventana is a town where many foreigners have built vacation homes with spectacular Greek-style architectural adornments that were mesmerizing from an artist’s viewpoint. (I stayed at this delightful casa.)
Domes of La Ventana

I created a mixed media painting and an oil pastel of the same subject, from a reference photo. The choice of medium made a big difference in the final effect:

Here I feel the sweltering sun on me and the heat radiating off of the domes…
Sea Domes_watercolor(3″ x 4″ watercolor and pen & ink on hot press)

But here, I feel the wind picking up and sense a possible change in weather…
Sea Domes_oil pastel(8″ x 10″ oil pastel on black crescent board)
Displayed artwork © 2011 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


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