Salmon Snow Scene

Snow blanketed Seattle for several days during the middle of last month. The city all but shuts down during such ‘weather events.’  No school, no work, no structure to anyone’s day. I took myself to a matinee. It was dusk, closing in on darkness, when I emerged from the theater. I walked home in the snowy quiet, trying not to slip while looking up and enjoying a barely lit salmon sky infusing the neighborhood trees with a warm brown tone. Their limbs appeared to be stretching out, as if to catch the falling snow.

I can’t remember which movie I saw but I will never forget that salmon snow scene. It’s been haunting me for weeks, so I finally rendered my memory on paper.

(6″ x 8″ watercolor & gouache)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


One response to “Salmon Snow Scene

  1. Rich sky color, so luscious


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