Waiting for the Plane

I’ve been in airports a lot the last few months. Here is a fellow traveler I couldn’t resist. His posture, proboscis and concentration demanded documentation. I did a two-minute pen sketch of him at the San Diego airport and painted in the color digitally with Photoshop when I got home.

Waiting for the Plane(5″ x 5″ ink with digital color)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


5 responses to “Waiting for the Plane

  1. Digital color — wow. I love the shading on his shirt and on the seat next to him. Looking at that created an instant audio accompaniment of that echoey voice on the PA. Nice work!!


  2. Thanks, Kay! He was easy to target… never moved. (Well, he did stretch his legs once.)


  3. This is such a fun study! I love how you captured his attitude (and the balding spot on top of his head). And the Baggage Claim detail, etc. Keep drawing people!!


  4. Kim,
    I love this portrait It’s witty but still compassionate; astute but also kind. The tone is just right — we don’t laugh at the guy but we chuckle at his quirks and frailties with affection. And Geo says you’ve captured the zeitgeist of the age so well.
    Yes, keep drawing people!
    And more power to your pen — or pencil — or whatever it was.


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