Ticklette 1

Armed with two new tools:  a tiny 6″ x 6″ spiral bound sketchbook of multi-use paper and a new brand of masking fluid, I look forward to producing “little minnies” or “ticklettes.” Here is my first. Purpose: to get some of the many visions in my head down on paper quickly for reference. And simply to get my hand on paper more often for practice and confidence building.

Anyone else see a toothbrush in here?

(4″ x 4.5″ watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


One response to “Ticklette 1

  1. I LOVE that salmony pink. And thanks to you I can’t NOT see a toothbrush now. Also reminds me of close ups in shaver blade commercials. Very cool!


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