Beach Tourist

This was a scrap of a transfer on gesso that went awry. I added watercolor to the background, and looked at it a couple of days later. His face was in the dark spaces, as were the sharks and horizon. All I did was delineate them with markers. I love his man boobs and hat.

Man Boobs
(3″ x 7.5″ mixed media)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


One response to “Beach Tourist

  1. Yes, the hat is fabulous — something mysteriously good about how the hat goes with the eyes, their narrowness or something.

    AND he’s got a garland of donuts, not Red’s Donuts (Geo’s favorite) but actual Red Donuts. Maybe a fusion of Thai and Mexican cuisine??

    Keep doing this, Kim. It’s such a delight to see.


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