Newsflash: I got to meet her ! !

Carla Sonheim is a Seattle artist whose playful approach to the creative process sheds formal artistic mores and succumbs instead to the raw joy of experimenting ‘sans’ expectations. Last night she had a book signing at one of Seattle’s great brick+mortar book stores, Third Place Books, promoting her just-released volume, Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals.

Imaginary Animals

My own “play” this last three months is a direct result of her tutorials. What a thrill to meet her face-to-face! And, she’s local! (and she autographed my copy–with a critter!)

This is my sketch from her “hands on” assignment at last night’s event.
Blob-tailed bird
(3″ x 3″ pen sketch)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


3 responses to “Newsflash: I got to meet her ! !

  1. That’s just how I feel after a long exhausting day.
    Nicely evocative of surrender verging on collapse.


  2. Kim,

    That was SO much fun! Thanks for the invite! Looking forward to making more fun creatures! :). And I can hardl wait to see what critter you will create next! Thank you for sharing!



  3. Sweet Kimmy! I bought her “Drawing Lab” about a year ago. How cool to be in the same town!!!


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