I Got Your Back

Look at this sidewalk crack. (I’ve rotated it all four ways so you don’t have to stand on your head or tweak your neck.) Do you see anything in them?
(Click on image to enlarge.)

Sidewalk Crack Rotated

The upper right one is so obvious to me. Here is what I see.

I Got Your Back(9″ x 11″ mixed media: gesso, watercolor, markers, gouache on cardboard)
Displayed artwork © 2012 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

This is one of the fun exercises from Carla Sonheim — grab one of her books and play yourself!


5 responses to “I Got Your Back

  1. Kim, I LOVE this!!!


  2. In the lower left, I see a Hummingbird rising from behind a wall to get some nectar. In the lower right I see a crane on a rocky beach just getting ready to take flight. I like your little character… For me, in the upper left, he turns into a goat with big ear sticking out and 2 horns going straight up. Funny what you can see looking at the same thing in different positions.


  3. Love it !!!


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