2013—Year of the Snake

Happy New Year, dear visitors! Wishing you all the very best throughout this next cycle of creativity.

I thought I would start 2013—the year of the snake—with this sidewalk crack drawing. If I accurately adhered to the Chinese zodiac calendar, I would post this next month since the snake year technically runs 02/10/2013–01/30/2014. But, I’m a western thinker when it comes to calendars, so you’re getting this a month early. (click image to enlarge)

(8″ x 9″ permanent marker, colored pencil and white gouache on paper bag)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


7 responses to “2013—Year of the Snake

  1. Beautiful! I can tell already that the year of the snake is going to rock!


  2. kim this snake is just beautiful… i love it! :o)


  3. Kim,
    This is an enormously photogenic snake. Also could be taken as a partial map of unusual terrain on another galaxy. Or is it a necklace for a high-ranking being on that galaxy?? So many possibilities! I like it a lot.


  4. wonderful! Wishing you a new year as colorful as your snake! 😀


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