1929—Another Year of the Snake

My father was born in a year of the snake—1929. This is a portrait of him looking at his computer monitor one night during our Skype session. I snapped a screenshot and used it as my reference. (click image to enlarge)

(8″ x 10″ charcoal and white Conté on brown paper bag)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

According to Psychic Revelation:

“People born in the year of the snake may become philosophers, theologians, politicians, or cunning financiers. Certainly they have a way with money! The snake is the most enigmatic of the twelve zodiac animals.

Such persons are elegant, and enjoy reading, listening to great music, tasting delicious food, and going to the theatre. They are fascinated with all beautiful things in life. Many of the most beautiful ladies and the men with strongest personalities were born in the year of the snake. Therefore, you should have good luck if you were born in that year.”


4 responses to “1929—Another Year of the Snake

  1. Kim,

    You are just SO talented… The more you draw the better you are getting… Its loose too… yet so detailed and revealing… xoxo Kari


  2. That is so beautiful, KW!!!


  3. Remarkable. I agree with Kari’s comment. You are improving in the doing.


  4. Stunning, Kim, I can definitely see the resemblance around the mouth. I bet he loves this beautiful portrait. Soo…valentine-making Friday after dinner, say, 7:30??


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