Tentative Tightroper

This oddly-endowed character is a technique study for a larger composition in the works. Look for him again in a future post (click image to enlarge)

Tentative Tightroper
(6″ x 6″ graphite and watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


6 responses to “Tentative Tightroper

  1. I wonder what he looks down upon?


  2. Kim,
    He’s a fascinating character. I see a medieval jester, a dunce, a very self-aware fool from the court of some ruler. He’s pretending to be a bit taken aback by something (the hand over the mouth in mock astonishment and dismay). Is he bothered by his little codpiece? Maybe he’s used to a more elaborate one and feels that this one is too plain.
    These are initial thoughts — we’ll see what more may come. Anyway he’s quite intriguing and promising.



  3. Now that I’ve read your title about the tightrope, I think he’s facing a political tightrope. They had to play it very carefully — if they abused the relative freedom of speech they enjoyed they might lose their head, literally.


  4. Kim,
    I love him! What a character… :o)


  5. Is he a dancer who, like all of us in life, holds the rope that his tights may try to walk? Hence, a tight rope whose success is ultimately in his own hands.


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