Guest Artist: Kelley Knickerbocker

My colleague, Kelley of Rivenworks, (no, not a Tolkien character) has spent the last several years mastering her own style of architectural and fine art mosaics. Knowing her work to be colorful and reflectively glass-based, I was awestruck to see her latest mosaic on show through this week at, “Transposition: An Ancient Medium in the New World.”

Now, when I say awestruck I don’t mean, “Geez, what was she thinking?” I mean, “Wow—I wish I was a bug. I’d fly right into one of those warm felty coils and hang out. For a long time.” I tip my paintbrush to Kelley for following the path of a happy accident (see artist statement) which yielded this mesmerizing piece (and others).

(click images to enlarge)kk_full_mosaic

kk_closeups_ganged(Vulnerable/Variable, 54″ x 36″, paper towels, mortar, pigment, archival varnish)  Artwork © 2013 Kelley Knickerbocker. All rights reserved.

Artist Statement:artist_stmt


2 responses to “Guest Artist: Kelley Knickerbocker

  1. Incredible imagery and so well executed. Thanks for sharing this rich perspective of our collective and individual lives.


  2. Kim,
    what a fabulous statement Kelley wrote about how she discovered this.

    And now I’m off to ponder today’s slurry of situational variables.

    I’ve probably never met a metaphor I didn’t like, but this is one of the best metaphors I’ve met in a long life.

    I tip my tea mug to her.


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