Silver and Gold

Rather than print on paper, this monotype was created by lifting dried paint from the plate with packing tape, then burnishing aluminum foil or gold powder to the sticky side. The two metallics are revealed through voids in the paint, seen in alternating layers starting with gold at the top.

(click image to enlarge)
(8″ x 9″ acrylic monotype with aluminum foil and gold powder)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Silver and Gold

  1. A glimpse into a new world! Quite beautiful. I’d love to see more from this world.



  2. Kim,

    I think its time to make a book from your blog… 🙂 You can make a coffee table book… You have so many beautiful images here and nice stories to go along with it… I adore your work! I introduced my mom to zen tangle and she has purchased four books and cannot stop making zen tangles! She bought a fancy little sketchbook and some nice pens. My niece is doing it now too…

    TTFN! kari


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