Balancing Act

Ever on the verge of losing it? Feeling watched? Something’s about to happen?

Blog followers:  Recognize any of these characters? I promised you’d see this one again (slightly altered, maybe his brother).

(click image to enlarge)
(11″ x 11″ graphite & watercolor on 140# hot press paper; digital gradient background)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

(click image to enlarge)

1.  Graphite drawing of four sidewalk crack creatures—all from the SAME sidewalk crack photo. That’s a record!
2.   But, it needed something. Graphite cat predator added.
3.  Watercolor next to punch the foreground creatures and rocks.
4.  Completed watercolor.
Still needed something to push the cat back and pull the creatures forward. That’s when I added the digital gradient background.


4 responses to “Balancing Act

  1. Kim,

    This one is most mysterious and intriguing. I will ponder it as I clean up the kitchen. And what in heaven’s name is a digital gradient background?



    • Sorry, let me explain… Compare the completed image to #4 in the progressive image series. See the “screen” of warm gray between the cat and the foreground characters—darker at the top and lighter toward the bottom? This is the “digital gradient background.” I added it on the computer to a photograph of the painting which I downloaded from my camera.


  2. Now we have a tight rope with a taut dilemma for the children who seem to be the ploy in a drama they cannot control. A see-saw that I see has many possibilities for losing the fulcrum that holds it all together. Will the bird-like creature, which both children are apprehensively watching, pull on his rope or will he release it? The results would be the same. Ditto the cat who might lose his frozen fixation on the bird and pounce. Oh my, what a pickle.


  3. Elfta Hilzman

    I like your interpretation, George !!! Love it, Kim !!!


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