Mt. Rainier

I took a walk along the beach and guess what I did see
A little manmade driftwood fort, just big enough for me
I scrambled in — protection from the high sun’s midday heat
And opened up my backpack to get something to eat
I peered between the angled logs of my tiny shady nest
Spying sand and water, boats and birds while looking to the west
I panned back toward the fort ‘entrance’ as I filled my mouth
WHOA! there was our big mountain looming tall out of the south

(click images to enlarge)


(6″ x 6″ ink and watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


4 responses to “Mt. Rainier

  1. Looming very large indeed! This is a stunning image — its huge and ghostly presence might have just appeared in the last two seconds, while you were distracted by your first bite of lunch.

    It reminds me of what I’ve been skimming with great delight this morning during dialysis. It’s an ancient scripture called The Thousand Names of Vishnu — and that’s all it is — name after name and many are deliciously mind-blowing. For instance, “the golden person in the sun”! Or how’s this: “the primal pot in which all the deities and powers are established.” Many more but they can be delivered later.



  2. Very good watercolor. Yeah, that mountain can sneak up on one! The clouds part and “where did THAT come from?!”


  3. The small watercolor of Mount Rainier is a gem, beautifully rendered in an immediate style. Every line is precious. The style and presentation truly create the mystical quality of the setting.

    The pen work brings to mind some of the work by Hokusai, a master. I refer viewers to the site where a very positive comparison may be made between the works of these two artists, especially the picture of Mt. Fuji ( ) in Lee Jay Walker’s blog.


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