Penny for Your Thought (bubble)

Put on your thinking caps, ‘Ticklers’, and chime in. What thought bubble (or voice bubble) would you add to this?

(click image to enlarge)
(5″ x 3″  micron pen & watercolor pencil on moleskine®, digital sky gradient)
Displayed artwork © 2014 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


5 responses to “Penny for Your Thought (bubble)

  1. Turn around . . . come on . . . just once . . . I dare ya!


  2. kim,

    i love this! 🙂 you should attach your wordpress account to your fb account so that you can share these more widely and build up a fan base (even more of one, i mean!)

    i’m off to do some fun things for the next couple of days! edmonds and then chelan…

    xoxo can’t wait to see what you do next!! 🙂


  3. “Don’t even think of evolving Mr. Fish, global warming is already here!”


  4. Caught between a rockfish and an arse place.


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