4 x 4 Monoprinting

I simply HAD to paint with my gelli plate the other night. I chose a limited palette of 4 paints (black, white, burnt umber, and yellow-gold) and pulled only these 4 prints. My goal was simply to see how different or unified the prints would look.

Which arrangement do you prefer?

(click image each image to enlarge)


Side-by-side arrangement


Stacked arrangement

(8.5″ x 11″ each print, acrylic on index stock)
Displayed artwork © 2014 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


6 responses to “4 x 4 Monoprinting

  1. Very nice, by themselves and arranged into groups.


  2. I like the one in the top right corner, but having four together really works the best. They are all unified, calming and yet energetic. I am going to have to try this gelli printing one of these days.


  3. I prefer the stacked arrangement. Not sure why — of course the prints are bigger there. Somehow I was able to see them better. I noticed things I didn’t in the side-by-side arrangement.


  4. I like the stacked arrangement best. It seems to echo and reference the four separate images. Beautiful in any arrangement!

    BTW–I’m reading a novel, *I Always Loved You,* about the relationship between Mary Cassatt and Edgar Dégas. It’s a good read. What I am most enjoying is learning of their philosophies of and passion for their art.


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