Sailor Boy

I drew this from a royalty-free vintage photo I found on the Web. I was captivated by his facial curves, long neck, and obviously self-confident air. I was going to name him “Art” since those are the only three letters visible on his cap.

But, I did a little more internet searching and discovered that the “A•R•T” letters are part of this particular seaman’s vessel name. (Seaman’s caps bear the name of their ship, apparently.) He was an “unidentified Australian crew member on the modified Leander Class cruiser HMAS Hobart.”  The photo was shot in Aden, Yemen in February 1940 (Second World War).

My depiction makes him look a bit more burly and of the tobacco-chewing persuasion perhaps! What a proud fellow, yes?

(click image to enlarge)
sailor boy

(6″ x 6″  pen & ink and watercolor on paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Original photo:


Photo credit:
Damien Peter Parer.


4 responses to “Sailor Boy

  1. What a fabulous photo to start with and then what an equally fabulous and very different portrait. I think the main difference is that his even longer jaw line now makes him more pugnacious and not-to-be-messed-with. The story of his ship’s name, Hobart, is also wonderful. Suits him much better than Art, which has too many lofty overtones for this supremely down-to-earth character. Yes, he’s proud and he’s confident, and I think he’s also wise in his own universe, in his own dimension.


  2. Interesting. I like your drawing/painting very much and I like knowing the story behind it.


  3. So cool. Love the black and white with a touch of browns!


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