Sketch-A-Day HAWAI’I 2015 — Makalawena Beach


I’m really enjoying logging travel memories through daily sketches. Photographs are great, too (and yes, I took loads of those), but hand drawn depictions characterize not just my location, but also my mood and my sense of focus each day (An animal? A landscape? A new piece of fruit?).

So, throughout a recent trip to the Big Island I carried my sketchbook, like I did in Europe last year, and had a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the results and feel a bit of sun as you reflect on them.

The first day was a hike to Makalawena Beach. Surf was very high for this side of the island, making it a great day to watch boarders heading out to the waves. They look like huge turtles or kayakers, I know, but those are dudes on surfboards in the mid-ground!

(click image to enlarge)

(5″ x 3″  pen & watercolor pencil on moleskine® sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

The sky was fabulous. Puffy white cumulus clouds rose vertically  from the ocean, dissected horizontally by dark ribbons of lenticular formations, down low by the horizon.

(click image to enlarge)



(2″ x 2″  graphite pencil & watercolor pencil on moleskine® sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


6 responses to “Sketch-A-Day HAWAI’I 2015 — Makalawena Beach

  1. tastetheexotic

    I love this sketch and what you wrote and linked to it. The smell of a Hawaiian beach came to me the first instant I saw your piece. That smell is hard to describe, but it is humid, earthy, salty, and tropical warm. Thank you for taking me to Hawaii this morning!

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  2. Bill said it right: “Well done, you’re so talented!” I agree.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, re: journaling versus photographs… love your sketch!

    Liked by 1 person

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