Sketch-A-Day HAWAI’I — Kalij Pheasant

This quick sketch is of a Kalij Pheasant (Lophura leucomelanos) which is native to South Asia. The species, introduced to Hawaii in 1962, is found only on the Big Island and  lives above 1000 ft. 

The first time I saw one of these big beauties I was struck by the male’s bright plumage. Apparently, in dark forests, his colors resemble dappled light. His lady friend matches the brown undergrowth, and is quite drab by comparison. The population is growing (of course) and if you visit Volcano Village you will undoubtedly meet a few. You can’t miss them—they’re ~2 feet in length, not including the tail, and you’ll hear them scratching around in the vegetation.

(click image to enlarge)

(3″ x 4″  pen & watercolor pencil on moleskine® sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


2 responses to “Sketch-A-Day HAWAI’I — Kalij Pheasant

  1. tastetheexotic

    Wow! I’ve never seen this bird. He is quite elegant.

    Been loving your commentary with your sketches. I hate to see this painterly trip end!



  2. Didn’t realize this was an import. He’s very severe looking.


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