My Year of “SPARKS”

I’m taking a year-long online art class called 2015 Year of the  Spark!  You, my dear ‘Ticklers’ (aka awesome followers), will see some of it shared here, so I’d like to introduce this SPARK! button now:

sparklogo_w_words When this button appears in a post, you’ll know the catalyst for my art came from Carla Sonheim or Lynn Whipple — the two talented and exuberant instructors teaching 2015 Spark! Want to join us? It’s never too late — simply click the SPARK! button for more info.

One of our first assignments was to draw the same simple shape (from a one-liner drawing warmup) several times, using different media each time. Then, pick our favorite to frame and post in our art space. I practically had to tie my hands behind my back not to add anything else to this one: I thought it needed more color; it needed a shadow; what about whiskers — all rabbits have whiskers, right? Finally, after analyzing it for a very long while (from a safe distance with no tools in my hands), I realized that its simplicity of line was what I liked best about it. Ta, dah…

I chose this one to frame as a reminder to myself throughout this Year of the Spark! that “Less is Best” — my new mantra. (We’ll see if it sticks.)

(click image to enlarge)

(8″ x 8″  ink applied w/eyedropper & white pan pastel on toned sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


3 responses to “My Year of “SPARKS”

  1. How exciting!!! Enjoy the year!!! Looking forward to seeing your projects!!! ❤


  2. This rabbit is indeed perfect just as it is. Love it!!


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