Boredom Averted

When you’re stuck at an airport all day waiting for a flight (e.g., recent Houston floods) and you’ve walked the entire length of said airport more than once, stopped for food and a beer, read an entire magazine, and people watched all you can stomach, try this…

Download an app and start learning it on your mobile device. I chose a drawing app called Sketches by Tayasui. It got great reviews and is super intuitive to use. I had a little trouble activating the finger swipe commands “undo” and “redo” but it may be the tempered glass layer protecting my iPhone. The free download gives you a few basic tools, color palette, and various background textures/colors. For layers, more tools, and various options, you pay a bit to upgrade. The interface is sleek and not at all cumbersome like so many of the drawing apps out there. It’s easy to jump right in and start creating.

YAY! Boredom averted. I played and played and here are a few of my jumbled abstracts using this slick little app.

(click images to enlarge)






(2″ x 3″  digital art using Sketches® by Tayasui)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


5 responses to “Boredom Averted

  1. tastetheexotic

    Great idea! And fun to see the results.


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  2. Darn, received this two days too late. Slept in the Spokane airport Sunday night (that was a first!) and then over 8 hours wait (NOT the same schedule I signed up for months ago!) in Denver. Was starting to feel like Tom Hanks in “Terminal!” 🙂

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  3. Linda Fornero

    super cool, Kim!


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