Another eyedropper creation. Took all of about one minute.

This is based on a favorite old photo of my great-nephew Linus. This makes him look older and indeed he’s a much bigger boy now but still carries that look of wonder on his face. Alway a curious little guy.

I like the simple black and white here. But, I’m tempted to colorize it using either pastels or digitally. What do you think?

(click image to enlarge)

(7″ x 10″ india ink on plain paper using an eyedropper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

(Here is his reference photo.)



3 responses to “Linus

  1. Yesterday, in an art museum in Granada, we saw a video of a Spanish artist (José Guerrero) in his “modus operandi”—painting furiously fast. Several days ago we saw a video of Picasso painting simple lines on glass, so you could see him and his art work. You mentioned quick sketch—I think you should share a video with your followers, showing the genius at work! Love all your work! -Karen


  2. The perils of cartooning: the drawing strikes me as being (as you say) older, but with a rebellious undertone not present in the photograph. But that could very well be something the photograph didn’t capture. A small variation in the curve of a stroke can do everything. An artist has a terrible responsibility, one not all of them recognize.


  3. Yes, color would be fun, especially because you do it so well! and I agree about the video.


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