Squiggly Treats

Have I introduced you to Squigglies yet? I don’t think so.

Squigglies are easy to make, and are purely for self-entertainment (ok, or when I’m sharing them on my blog), if I’m bored, or lacking creative inspiration. They’re a terrific springboard for being loose and silly with your arm and eye. They’re also a good way to ease into a day of art.

Take a pen (or pencil) to paper and draw loops, angles, lines, whatever marks you want in a continuous motion in a limited area. I like to do it blind, meaning no peeking until you pick up your pen (or pencil). Then stare at it and turn your squiggly around and around until you ‘see’ something pop out at you. Bring forward what you ‘see’ by adding color, other media, more lines, collage.

After a long day I only have time to create something quickly. So, I do one of these super fast and it really feels like a magical “treat” before I retire to bed.

Try it! You never know what you’ll find in your squigglies. They are magic. This exercise in one from the wonderful Carla Sonheim‘s bag of creative tricks.

Here are some of my recent squiggly “treats.”

(click any image to enlarge)


Uncle Fester’s Brother


Sad Woman


Puppet and Larva


Curl Envy




Jumping Blue Schnozzola Dog



(various sizes – all quite small)  water-soluble ink pen and water wash on basic sketchbook paper)

Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


One response to “Squiggly Treats

  1. These are cool! What a great idea!


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