How To Read a Face

When I’m not sure how to get my hands moving, my ‘go to’ subject matter lately is faces. Quick sketches, usually one-liners, distorted and that’s what I love about them.

This one in particular is a favorite because I cannot read his expression. Is it disgust, boredom, disbelief, exhaustion, disdain, contempt, interest, confusion? He shows great concentration and appears almost ready to speak. What do think he’ll say?

(Reference: photo of Robert Mueller) (Click to enlarge)
politician.jpg(3″ x 5″ pen & ink with watercolor wash on Moleskine®)
Displayed artwork © 2019 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


4 responses to “How To Read a Face

  1. Love it!!! p.s. Also love Bob Mueller!

    *Ellen Darby *


  2. Leslie Harding

    I LOVE this! I think you really captured him. I always think he looks like someone who wishes he were somewhere else, and I think you got it.


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