Plein Air

Why Art?

Art is fun. It is not hard. Sometimes I think it is. Then I remember why I do it. Because it makes me happy. It gives me space to breathe. It doesn’t hurt my eyes. I listen to cool music. I sip tea. Time drifts by. I am relaxed. I experiment. I allow myself to wreck a canvas. It is personal. It is safe.

What’s hardest?

A blank canvas. It’s empty. It’s not alive. It just sits there. It won’t give me any hints. It waits for my first mark.

What’s next hardest?

Choosing when to stop. I get excited and overwork pieces. I’ve created many watercolor mud pies and overly-layered oil pastel soups. And if I spend too much time on a piece I get sick of it.

What’s easiest?

Choosing a subject. Something grabs me or it doesn’t. And sharing my art with friends and family.


After the first strokes are down, a canvas communicates. I watch and listen very carefully. Where to add pigment. Where to leave negative space. The piece begins to dance with me and nearly creates itself. There is no stress. I don’t over think. I just play.

Favorite medium

Still figuring that one out. I use watercolor a lot because it has a life of its own. Tough to control. It’s challenging.

Dry pastel is freeing because you can smear it all around easily. I like to use my hands and get messy with those. They work up fastest.

Oil pastel is fussier but there is a richness to the color that I adore.

Venturing into acrylics. Versatile and complex. So many grounds and mediums that can be added to adjust their behavior. So many techniques to try. Vibrant and quick-drying—great for experimentation.

I stay away from oils because of skin sensitivities. They take forever to dry and I’m impatient.


Play even more. Explore media. Work different sizes.


You are why this blog exists. I’m tickled that you’re here.

                            – Kim


17 responses to “THE ARTIST

  1. Great work! You have a talent to create wonderful art. I appreciate all your pieces yet I can’t produce anything remotely as good! I guess I didn’t get the art gene from our family. Fantastic blog. I’ll be visiting often. Hugs and kisses,


  2. totally with you on watercolor – I love the way the pigments run around in water like they’re alive! 😀


  3. So happy to have found your blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, you have such a lovely, fluid style and great use of color.


  4. We are so flattered that you enjoyed our pork belly recipe. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
    You have some really beautiful artwork on your blog. Truly amazing!


  5. Hello, I was googling Pen & Ink and your art caught my eye. Just wanted to stop and appreciate your work. 😀

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  6. and thank you for tickling us! xoxo

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  7. Thank you very much for visiting my pages and making your thoughtful comments. It is evident how much you love loving to do art. I can well appreciate your pleasure in switching from medium to medium–many fellow-painters here enjoy the variety it offers. My personality is such that I prefer to drill down to the new treasurers found when one keeps digging into the unknowns of a single medium. Your site is a delight to the eye, Kim.


    • Thank you for your kind words! I respect your diligence sticking with one medium. I bounce from medium to medium and technique to technique like a kid in a candy store—there is so much to try. Perhaps someday I will find my “happy lollipop,” so-to-speak, and begin to drill down, like you, to unveil those hidden treasures. You may not think so, but you indeed have achieved a fine mastery of watercolor. Your landscapes are so emotive.


  8. Hello! I’m just saying hi and following. Nice to see someone who is as jumpy-around as I am working with different things! Love your art, very nice 😀

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  9. Andreas von Lüpke

    Kim you are really a GREAT artist ! I like your drawings….need some time to see and study them all. Big hug !

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  10. Yes Kim I ‘ll take my time surfing on your blog… ☺ Like also your thoughts about how you see your work on art!


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