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Guest Artist: Jean Smidth

While in central CA a couple of months back we reconnected with Peter and Jean — great friends from WAAAY back. I knew Jean’s creative streak ran strong. Everything she touches — food, decor, gardening, art — exudes a warmth of nurture. I finally got to view her home gallery of oil painting ‘experiments.’ Wow!

Methinks the next addition on their sprawling property needs to be an art studio so this gal can get to business!

(Click any image to enlarge)
Jean Smidth, San Luis Obispo artist.

Her various styles and experiments in oil…

I’m stealing this guy next time. Love the spontaneous strokes.

(various sizes, oil on various media)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Jean Smidth. All rights reserved.


Guest Artist: Unknown

A brisk morning walk while it’s still fairly cool. Look what I found!


(24″ x 36″  colored chalk on concrete driveway)

Guest Artist: Hung Liu

I stumbled on amazing art displays at the Seattle and Oakland terminals recently. JACKPOT!  ding ding ding ding ding…

I was suddenly in an art gallery. Now THAT’s the way to kill the airport blues.

This painting stopped me in my tracks. Doesn’t it have a great mood? I stared at this for a looooooooong time. These little ladies will surely be buddies for life, right? We cannot see their faces, but we completely get what they are all about.

It is entitled: Sister Hoods. The original is 72″ x 72.” This version on the OAK wall was much smaller. I love the sense of comfort and safety this evokes. And the loose background swirls and drips add layers of mystery and curiosity.

(click image to enlarge)

(Sister Hoods by artist Hung Liu – 72″ x 72″  paint on canvas)
Artwork © 2003 Hung Liu

The artist is Hung Liu. Here is her biosketch (click to read larger size) :

Guest Artist: Susan W. Kemp

Susan W. Kemp is one of my “sisters” in art and go-to critics. She is a writer. One with refreshingly quirky perspectives which I find endlessly amusing. Susan recently started designing and building mosaics — apparently attracted to sharp and edgy tangibles as well. Her latest creation, I am Bunny, is a gift to me. How lucky AM I? (I wuv wabbits.)

Artist Statement:

I am Bunny.
Not hare, not hair, not heir.
Not rabbit, not rabid, not rarebit.
Those are just plain wrong
And kind of mean.
If you really want
You can call me Bunny-boo.
But only when nobody is listening.
And certainly not on social media.

(click image to enlarge)
(I am Bunny – 12″ x 12″  stained glass on backerboard)
Artwork © 2013 Susan W. Kemp. All rights reserved.

Guest Artist: Kelley Knickerbocker

My colleague, Kelley of Rivenworks, (no, not a Tolkien character) has spent the last several years mastering her own style of architectural and fine art mosaics. Knowing her work to be colorful and reflectively glass-based, I was awestruck to see her latest mosaic on show through this week at, “Transposition: An Ancient Medium in the New World.”

Now, when I say awestruck I don’t mean, “Geez, what was she thinking?” I mean, “Wow—I wish I was a bug. I’d fly right into one of those warm felty coils and hang out. For a long time.” I tip my paintbrush to Kelley for following the path of a happy accident (see artist statement) which yielded this mesmerizing piece (and others).

(click images to enlarge)kk_full_mosaic

kk_closeups_ganged(Vulnerable/Variable, 54″ x 36″, paper towels, mortar, pigment, archival varnish)  Artwork © 2013 Kelley Knickerbocker. All rights reserved.

Artist Statement:artist_stmt