Sharing other Fun ART including Friends’ ART, Fabric ART, Fanciful ART, Far-fetched ART, and For-whatever-reason ART is why the F’ART corner has been created. F’ART will feature anything that’s crafty, clever, and creative from my circle of fun-loving friends, family and community. Welcome to F’ART.

Valentines 2013


Another love-filled annual valentine-making party. Table piled high with a colorful assortment of raw materials, scissors, and glue. Kay’s “to-die-for” bottomless kumquat sours down the gullet and Dennis across the table painting storyboards to The Owl and the Pussycat while masterfully reciting it! Bravo!! If you get one of these crazy valentines it means you’re pretty darned special. Love to everyone on this day of hearts.




Artistic Rabbit?


This furry follower came via e-card from my most ardent supporter (thanks, Dad). As confetti fell around her, her animated mouth explained:

“I have been watching your artwork in  a r t i c k l e. I like it. But, I don’t understand some of it. Do you like my hat? I made it… myself. Do you think it’s worth posting?”

It’s a stunning hat and although I suspect she had a little help from a digital artist, I tip my paintbrush to her with this entry.

(p.s. — I don’t understand some of my art either.)



The quirky neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle, WA is flush with public art. Today is the first time I’ve encountered this herd: a billy, nanny, and kid out “walking” too, just downhill from the giant troll (but he’s another story altogether).

Billy, nanny, kid

Healing Monsters


Artist Kari Young creates all kinds of wonderful things. Here are just a few of her “healing monsters” from a very big litter. Made to order, these two were adopted by birthday girls, Susan and Nancy, in February.

Healing Monsters

And I adopted pudgy “Miss Pinky.” You could pick one that tickles you, too.
Miss Pinky

Valentines Galore


Recipe: Just before Valentine’s Day, bring together four women who love food, wine and each other’s company. Throw paper, glue, glitter, and scissors on a table. Fuel them with pear sours and finger food. What do you get? — a cornucopia of cards. This has become an annual event, thanks to Kay. (Artists: Kay, Charlotte, Alicia, and Kim)

All the Valentines
Four Valentines


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