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Good morning meow to you.

(3″ x 5″ pen with watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.



This guy’s been framed and on my wall for a few years now. I love animals as  subject material because they emerge on the paper so easily. Don’t ask me why.

Tambo is the beloved pet of a dear friend. Tambo doesn’t warm up to me when I visit, which is funny because I am a ‘cat’ person. Tambo is Tambo. And, frankly, Tambo is weird. When my dear friend sent me a photo of Tambo in this pose years ago, it was easy to warm up to him artistically, even though he will never warm up to me.

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(22″ x 15″  dry pastel on Canson paper)
Displayed artwork © 2009 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Balancing Act

Ever on the verge of losing it? Feeling watched? Something’s about to happen?

Blog followers:  Recognize any of these characters? I promised you’d see this one again (slightly altered, maybe his brother).

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(11″ x 11″ graphite & watercolor on 140# hot press paper; digital gradient background)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

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1.  Graphite drawing of four sidewalk crack creatures—all from the SAME sidewalk crack photo. That’s a record!
2.   But, it needed something. Graphite cat predator added.
3.  Watercolor next to punch the foreground creatures and rocks.
4.  Completed watercolor.
Still needed something to push the cat back and pull the creatures forward. That’s when I added the digital gradient background.