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Guest Artist: Jean Smidth

While in central CA a couple of months back we reconnected with Peter and Jean — great friends from WAAAY back. I knew Jean’s creative streak ran strong. Everything she touches — food, decor, gardening, art — exudes a warmth of nurture. I finally got to view her home gallery of oil painting ‘experiments.’ Wow!

Methinks the next addition on their sprawling property needs to be an art studio so this gal can get to business!

(Click any image to enlarge)
Jean Smidth, San Luis Obispo artist.

Her various styles and experiments in oil…

I’m stealing this guy next time. Love the spontaneous strokes.

(various sizes, oil on various media)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Jean Smidth. All rights reserved.


Sketch-A-Day HAWAI’I 2015 — Sunset

South of Kona, in the Captain Cook area, we watched the sunset from our tiny lanai while eating a delicious grilled fish dinner. There were double reflections from the sun on the ocean, framed by a forest of tulip trees, yet the sun was still in the clouds up above. I’d never seen that before. Sunsets are truly amazing in Hawai’i.

(click image to enlarge)
(5″ x 3″  pen and watercolor pencil on moleskine® sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Another thing I’d never seen before arrived the next morning. Our B&B breakfast included a plate of these… 

(click image to enlarge)
It’s a longan fruit—very round like a mac nut and smaller than a walnut. The skin is mottled and leathery brown. The inside is a juicy translucent fruit like a lychee—that’s what you eat. Not the purple seed in the middle, though.

(1″ x 1″  pen and watercolor pencil on moleskine® sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Three More Pears

Actually, it’s the same three pears. Such a happy fruit family. I had to paint them one more time before eating them.

(click image to enlarge)

(5″ x 5″ pen & ink and watercolor on paper)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Three Pears

It’s been three years since I started this blog! I give you three pears. There is no significance to this other than it’s a 3-for-3. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this far.

I had an incredible urge for mixed media play the other night. I pulled out a piece of cardboard that was already gessoed and lightly washed with watercolor over a year ago. I had three delicious pears to look at. There were colored oil markers to grab, Pan pastels I had never opened, and the omnipresent black permanent marker. I was in heaven. Still haven’t eaten the pears.

May we all have a delicious 2015.

(click image to enlarge)

(9″ x 10.5″  watercolor, color oil markers, Pan® pastels, permanent black Sharpie® marker on cardboard)
Displayed artwork © 2015 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Janice’s Pomegranate

December San Diego visits are fruitful in many ways — I holiday with laid-back relatives, bask in much-needed sunshine, and come home with a couple of beautiful pomegranates from their yard. Here’s one from Jan, for Jan.

(click image to enlarge)

(6″ x 6″  micron pen, watercolor on paper)
Displayed artwork © 2014 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.