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More Squigglies

Just sharing a recent batch of ‘Squigglies” which I love to make because:

  • they’re fast
  • unpredictable
  • make me laugh

Caroline’s Crazy for Carrots

Queen Mantisqueen_mantis_4277_wp

Blue Jesterjester_4241_wp

Einstein’s Green Eyeeinstein_green_eye_4242_wp

Little Drummer Cowboydrummer_boy_4227_wp

Freakishly Strangefreakishly_strange_4222_wp

Old Womanold_woman_4239_wp

Blue Dancing Girlblue_dancer_girl_4244_wp(5 x 5″ mixed media in sketchbook)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


Portrait Sketches

I often find photos of faces in the newspaper that move me — a pose, the eyes, an expression, the wrinkles…   I cut them out and keep them.

A week ago I was in just the right mood to pull out my recent stash of these. My moleskine® sketchbook and I had a glorious date.

(click image to enlarge)
(each ~3.5″ x 5.5″ micron pen on moleskine®)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.