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Second Beach

Second Beach on the Quileute Indian Reservation is a must see if you’re near La Push on the Olympic Peninsula, WA. A short hike through the rain forest lands you on the sweetest beach you’ve ever seen. Sea stacks, driftwood, sand, and gentle waves. Perfect for sketching.

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Looking NW

Looking SW

(10″ x 3″ watercolor and ink)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.



Good morning meow to you.

(3″ x 5″ pen with watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

GM Truck: An Old Gal

I see this beauty around my neighborhood and always stop to admire her. She reminds me of my balloon tire bicycle from first grade (best bike ever). And the nostalgic sound of a solid steel car door slamming shut from the sixties. I’m guessing its a 1940’s era rig. She’s missing an “eye” and although I’ve never seen her in motion, I’m sure she can still turn over because she hauls—note the custom hand-made side rails her owner has lovingly installed.

If I ever meet her owner, I’m offering this sketch. AFTER I get a ride down the street!

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(5.5″ x 3.5″  micron ink pen and watercolor on Moleskine®)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


A little mini-abstract. Playing with watercolor.

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(2.5 x 3″ watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2017 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Sketching in Public

A favorite bonus (or downside, if you’re shy) to sketching in public is the curious visitor. Kids are the best because they just bound right up asking questions — no sideways glances, no quiet slow stepping to get just close enough for a peak (wouldn’t want to disturb the artist). This day, “Troy” came flying over in his awesome orange and blue monster shirt. I showed him what I was painting and what the names of the places were.

“You need blue there,” he blurted out. Well, yes indeed — I was just getting to that sky! And so he supervised my blue wash for all of 2 seconds and was off again — then back again (you know kids). I told him the best thing about sketching things is you remember that moment very clearly forever. “So every time I look at this painting, Troy, I will remember you and your monster shirt.”

Indeed I shall.

View north from Daybreak Star Cultural Center toward Golden Gardens park with Mount Baker’s peak in the distance.

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(3 x 5″ watercolors on paper)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Happy Monday!

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(5″ x 4″  water-soluble pen on paper and watercolor)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Watercolor Meditations — Second Series

This second series, inspired by the wonderful Carla Sonheim’s 2016: “Y” is for Yellow class, is a study in overlapping three transparent colors. It was a meditative process that appealed to me during my otherwise “quiet” art summer. The results were unexpected and colorful.

Small 5 x 5″ birch panels are the substrate onto which paper watercolor paintings were affixed. Each was finished with three separate layers of protective UV semigloss varnish. I plan to do (at least) 4 more to make a symmetrical block of nine.

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(5 x 5″ watercolor paintings varnished onto cradled birch boards)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Snowball Juggler


The little girl on this New Yorker cover is so uninhibited and carefree — not a worry in the world. She’s surrounded by focused adults all trying to push somewhere through the seasonal chill. The little girl pays them no mind. She’s in a world of her own, too. A very different world. This is what I suspect she may be imagining in that playful brain of hers…



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(5″ x 5″  pen and watercolor on sketch paper)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Port Townsend View

I was in Port Townsend last weekend for a wedding which extended into beach combing, hiking, sunshine basking, bird watching, cider tasting and general exploring — not a lot of time to draw.

I eeked out a quick sketch from the Northwest Maritime Center looking east across Port Townsend Bay toward Marrowstone Island, another place worth exploring.

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(3″ x 5″  micron ink pen and watercolor on Moleskine®)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.

Hawaii Sketches 2016

Balmy Hawai’i is an irresistible  lure this time of year when I’ve about HAD it with the cold-wet-windy weather of Seattle. I easily took the bait again this year when my sweetie suggested, “So, for your BIG birthday, why don’t we go back?” And he treated me to two warm weeks on the Big Island. I know, I’m incredibly lucky, right? Spoiled is more like it.

No “sketch-a-day” like last year (sorry) but I have a good excuse. We were joined by dear friends who helped party me through the first celebratory week! I survived and had a great time. Here are a few sketches managed between the fun.

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(All approx. 5″ x 3″ micron pen on moleskine® sketch or watercolor paper)
Displayed artwork © 2016 Kim Reading.  All rights reserved.