Night Creature

The result of a late night blob drawing…

(click image to enlarge)
(3.5″ x 5.5″ pen and watercolor on moleskine®)
Displayed artwork © 2013 Kim Reading. All rights reserved.


6 responses to “Night Creature

  1. A blob is harmless unless its full of potato
    Otherwise glycemia grows fat to your toe
    Do not let his goatee grow
    Never shave, only a gentle mow
    This fat bat could lose all locomotion
    For which, pray tell, there is no solution.
    He seems blissfully unaware
    Or perhaps he just loves the dare
    To which it is only fair
    That this bat draws my stare
    In admiration of delight
    To see a fat bat in flight.


  2. This little guy is ambitious. He aspires to be part of a scary Halloween group but at the moment he inspires chuckles rather than shivers. However, he has about six weeks to amp up the fright factor — darkness, hairiness, jowl-i-ness, the odd scar, etc. Then he might grow out of Baby Face into something with more seasonal gravitas.
    Or he could go in the direction of pudginess and cuteness.
    And there are probably other possibility as well.


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