Replies to “Penny for Your Thought (bubble)”

fish+friendsApplause and thank you all for the great thought bubbles/scenarios for Penny for Your Thought (bubble). Here is the lot of them:

  1. “Caught between a rockfish and an arse place.”
  2. “Don’t even think of evolving Mr. Fish, global warming is already here!”
  3. “Turn around . . . come on . . . just once . . . I dare ya!”
  4. “Would you like to live in a Yellow Submarine?”
  5. “Lunch?”
  6. “Hop on before he poops on you.”
  7. The whale/fish is pushing a small island and the bird’s like, “Thanks for the push.”
  8. “You guys need a lift?”
  9. “I see no ships…….”
  10. Villagers are posting guards and sending out scouts to the coastal beaches where the Great Yellow Fish has been sighted. Authorities warn to stay several feet away from the fish who’s mere breath is toxic and will kill instantly. 
Two scouts sent out earlier today are missing and the search will continue to night fall.

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